Remembering the Twin City RibFest

For a number of years this was the official website for the Twin City RibFest. Each June since 2005, Winston-Salem (North Carolina) played host to the Twin City RibFest, a four-day barbecue festival. While enjoying great live music on several stages, visitors were able to taste and judge delicious barbecue recipes from some of the best professional pit masters across the country. The festival also offered an excellent assortment of beers, a marketplace with local foods and beverages, and plenty of family-friendly activities.
Content is from the site's 2007 -2016 archived pages, as well as from other outside sources. So let's take a nostalgic look back.

In 2019 the Twin City RibFest announced that the festival will no longer be held.


Twin City RibFest ends its run

Michael Hastings May 8, 2019 |

Xavier Chaney pumps Chicago BBQ’s Sweet and Sassy Sauce onto his ribs at the 2017 Twin City RibFest on Thursday at the Winston-
Salem Fairgrounds in Winston-Salem.

“We had a great run, but it’s time to call it a day. Thanks to all of you who supported us over the years. We will miss you.”

The festival, founded by Allen McDavid, featured barbecue pitmasters from North Carolina and other Southeastern states and offered a host of music acts over a three- or four-day period each June.

The festival began downtown in the parking lot of First Presbyterian Church, then moved to Winston-Salem Fairgrounds, then back downtown to the Fifth Street parking lot of the Winston-Salem Journal, and then back to the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds.

At its height, the festival attracted tens of thousands of people each year, but it struggled at times to find and maintain a steady audience.


Notes From A Fan: Really a shame that this is being shut down after all these years and a loyal following ready and waiting. The local grapevine relates a tale about a scandal bubbling under the surface here. One of the festival's outside promoters told the SkepticalBlogger something unusual was going on at the agency. He saw a $4,500 estimate from a reputation management service "to remove search results." There was also a brochure spelling out all the services the company performed - the one circled was "Removal of negative search results from Google." A handwritten note said "toxic search: Rock That Festival." SB reports that he did the search in Google, and in the search results was a facebook page showing a wedding photo of one of the agency principals. Only he wasn't with his actual wife! Indeed, the search results for the agency name were revealing private information about how one of the founders was leading a second life! That explained the search result removal estimate. The promoter also found a notice to cancel - apparently a highly specialized unit managed by an experienced search professional had actually been engaged to remove the Google search results that revealed this other life. But for some reason that deal was cancelled. Turned out his real wife found out about it and left him, so there was no longer any reason to hide the truth. A true Twin City story for y'all!



Event Details
Dates / Times:
Thursday June 14, 11am - Midnight
Friday June 15, 11am - Midnight
Saturday June 16, 11am - Midnight

$5 Adults, Children 12 and under - Free
$8 Adults after 7 PM on Saturday, June 16 Only
Free Admission for lunch on Thursday June 14
and Friday June 15 (11am - 3pm)

Lawn chairs allowed / No outside food or beverages / No Pets / No weapons



In addition to cooking up some great barbecue for thousands of hungry RibFest attendees, our six ribbers competed for three awards,Grand Champion, Best Sauce, and People's Choice winner. Once again, local dignitaries and celebrities will served as judges in the competition.


The Ribs

Joey's Texas Thunder

''It's my daddy's sauce,'' says Texas Thunder's Joey Sutphen. The story goes that Joey's mama dipped his pacifier in the famiy's secret barbecue sauce when he was just three months old. Joey hasn't stopped smacking his lips since. Joey's Texas Thunder boasts as an award winner many times and even served is barbecue at  the White House to former President George Bush and his guests.

The Texas Thunder crew won the Grand Champion Trophy at the 2005 Shiner Bock Twin City RibFest.

Checkered Pig
(Martinsville, Virginia)

Checkered Pig BBQ won  Best Sauce at the 2006 Shiner Bock Twin City RibFest. Checkered is a national competition cooking team based out of racing country in southern Virginia. They travel all over the United States serving award winning ribs. They are the 2004 winners of the Best in the West Rib cook-off in Reno, Nevada.

(West Salem,Ohio)

Family owned and operated, Pigfoot claims to have the most meaty and tender ribs on the BBQ circuit. Pigfoot is known for their award winning St. Louis style ribs, lean and tender pulled pork, and seasoned boneless chicken breast that will make you crave more! Pigfoot has served BBQ lovers throughout the United States and has won numerous awards in Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio and NC
(among others).

Sgt. Oink's BBQ

Sgt. Oink's is a national cooking team that has competed nationally for over 11 years. During its experience Sgt. Oink's has competed against
some of the best cookers in the nation.  The team has won over 40 awards.  

Chicago BBQ Company
(Chicago, Illinois)

Hailing from the "Windy City, "Tom Ferguson joined the rib competition circuit in 1985. In 2003, he entered the Tops Great American Rib Cook-Off for the first time and won 3rd place, "Greatest Ribs in Ameri-
ca." In 2005 Tom and his crew took second place at the "Best in the West Rib Cookoff" in reno, Nevada. According to Ferguson, flavorful ribs start at the bone and sauce is simply a tasty compliment.

Carolina Rib King
(Moore, SC)
Carolina Rib King won the Grand Champion, and People's Choice
Awards at 2006 Shiner Bock Twin City RibFest.

Solomon Williams - a.k.a. King Solomon - started barbecuing as a hobby and began competing in cook-offs eight years ago. Solomon's succulent southern style won him "People's Choice" in 2003. The South Carolina griller dry rubs his ribs with secret seasonings and then smothers them

2007 Texas Pete Twin City RibFest Judges

Reg Garner - CEO, T.W. Garner Foods
Mr. Garner is the chief executive of T.W. Garner Foods,  the parent company of Texas Pete Hot
Sauce, our 2007 title sponsor.

Chef Derrick - Executive Chef, Winston-Salem State University
Chef Derrick McCorkle attended the Baltimore International Culinary College and he received his
first Executive Chef position with the Sheraton Hotel Crabtree Valley, in Raleigh, North Carolina. 
He is an active member of the ACF Raleigh Triangle Chef Association and the Ice Carving
Association (NICA).  Chef Derrick McCorkle also has had the opportunity to compete in
competitions around the country (ACF), and he has received many awards. Chef McCorkle is
currently involved with Griffith Elementary and Walkertown Elementary schools, giving students a
different outlook on food as a profession and on how many different ways food can be appealing.

Tucker Tharpe - Downtown Winston-Salem Partnership
Tucker is a newcomer to BBQ judging, but is now a special event veteran having put together
the 2007 Downtown Winston-Salem Music Series.

Patricia Norris - Chief of Police, City of Winston-Salem
The Chief is the veteran of this year's group having performed RibFest judging duties since the
event's inception in 2005. Chief Norris is a lifelong resident of Winston-Salem. She graduated
from Reynolds High School in 1972 and received her B.A. in Business Administration from
Winston-Salem State University. She is also a graduate of the Administrative Officers’
Management Program at N.C. State University.

Bob Campbell - Majic 94.1 Morning Show Host
This is Bob's first year as a RibFest judge, but we hear he has BBQ sauce in his blood.
The Danville, Virginia native has worked in radio markets all over the country, but is glad to be
back in his old back home.

Charles Womack - Publisher, YES! WEEKLY
Charles makes his debut as a rib judge replacing his editor, Brian Clarey who judged last year's
event. Charles decided he wanted his turn to chow down.

Nicole Ducouer - WXII News Reporter
Nicole came to WXII in April of 2006. Prior to that she worked for WDTV in Clarksburg, West
Virginia wher she covered stories that are familar to people all over the world. Nicole interviewed
Jessica Lynch soon after she returned to the Mountain State as a P.O.W. She also reported on
the many Hurricane Katrina evacuees that flooded an army base in the mountains. Most
recently, Nicole was involved in coverage of the Sago Mine disaster, which happened right in her
back yard. She said it's a story that will stay with her forever.



Thursday, June 14  

Bombadil - 5:45 PM
Indeed, much like the character, a crafty spirit of the woods that Tolkien used to embody purity in the science of nature, the group is enigmatic. Tolkien scholars often pose the question: "Who is Tom Bombadil?" The group evokes the same questions: Their sound--a mélange of instrumentation that revolves around piano-laden folk-rock with nods to classic rock and the British Invasion--is difficult to pinpoint. References run from a poor man's Shins to a less-countrified version of The Gourds.

But one thing is certain: Bombadil's music emanates optimism.
The happy-go-lucky rhythms come equipped with traded-vocal pairings and a mixture of ringing bells, hand claps, kazoos and xylophones adding a lighthearted, but not comical, texture. And while the upbeat composition may allude to an inane happiness, a quick look at the lyrics reveals the band's complexity. Songs like "Johnny," a morbid tune about a cutter with a strikingly up-tempo beat, and "Sinister Side," a rowdy roadhouse tune that looks at the inner psychosis of a pickpocket, highlight such dualism.The juxtaposition lends substance to bouncy eccentricities.

But don't take them too seriously: After all, Bombadil insists it's about having fun, evidenced by their trademark outfits. Before each show, the boys suit up as a 1930s Deep South ensemble with rolled khakis, button-up shirts, suspenders, and fedoras imported from Bolivia. Seldom do the hats actually stay on their heads. It's no surprise to see the members barefoot, whether playing, jumping off stage or running through the audience. Danny Michalak may play his bass guitar on his back, stretching his toes toward the sky, and Robinson looks like he's attacking his keyboards. It's notrock 'n' roll showmanship as much as it is a compulsion to have fun, to stay young

Mad Tea Party - 7:30 PM
"Mad Tea Party crafts a wild mix of hillbilly, jazz, folk and rock 'n' roll" (Herald-Journal). Discover Ami Worthen's ukulele and Jason Krekel's guitar dancing over the backdrop of Joe Edel's solid bass line and you'll soon want more of this modernized-yet-old-school folk group. Their harmonizing vocals highlight wickedly clever commentary on love, life,
death and the music business. The result is thought-provoking, smile-inducing Mad Tea Party.

Because of their unique blend of influences, Mad Tea Party often find themselves between genres.
They incorporate old-time jazz and early string band styles, as well as psychedelia and vintage rock 'n' roll. Their offbeat sense of humor and irony appeals to savvy listeners who appreciate the band's cleverness and cheerful energy. Mad Tea Party's amusing and sharp approach to an evolved brand of folk music makes them one-of-a-kind. The exotic harping of the ukulele, the familiar guitar and the
 plucking bass will transport audiences to a different time and place - both traditional and progressive, both comfortable and foreign.

"Americana for the modern generation. Shreds of ragtime, tatters of R&B, touches of blues, bursts of rockabilly, slivers of C&W, tinges of hillbilly hoe-downs, lashes of pop, snippets of rock, a feathering of folk, and even...the hurdy-gurdy sound of the circus." -

Asylum Street Spankers – 9:30 PM
Spanker: an old musician's term that means "one who can play his music vigorously and proficiently." But yeah, the other meanings you probably imagined will fit, too. For a band steeped in acoustic, front-porch "old-timey music," theAsylum Street Spankers' naughty, subversive streak is rarely far below the surface. Featuring a mohawked, hardcore punk bluegrass fiddle player; a virtuosic vocalist with a stylistic range from Bessie Smith to Betty Boop; and for the first time in ages, the stylings of founding guitarist Guy Forsyth

Singer, harmonica player, washboard percussionist and all-around roots rock rebel Wammo – no last name, just Wammo -- has seen the band slither out from the dusty dives of central Texas to infest theaters and concert halls all over the world. If you see the beauty in Robert Johnson, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and a song with “beer beer beer beer” as the entire chorus, don't miss this show.


Friday, June 15  

Scearce and Ketner 6:00 PM
A couple of blocks of rooftops and a blue swath of the White Oak River are within Dicky Scearce and Jack Ketner's sight. Ketner's got his shades on and feet up on his sunroom chaise while longtime friend and fellow musician Scearce sits, arms outstretched on the couch.

The western Piedmont natives have reason to relax. For the past seven years, "Scearce & Ketner" have been performing their self-proclaimed "Carolina Pirate Rock" from Boston, Mass., to Key West, Fla.Their music incorporates a mix of island, beach and Jimmy Buffet tunes. "A lot of people, especially Parrotheads, want the Buffet sound," said Ketner. "So that's why they hire you." "But a lot of our original music isn't 'Buffety,'" adds Scearce, who said they're too diverse to be categorized. Regardless, the duo has a loyal following. "We have great audiences," said Ketner, "but we've never had groupies - that's such a myth about bands. Dicky's married but I'm still looking for groupies." Ty Cobb, owner of Cobb's Corner in Carolina Beach, said Scearce and Ketner are "a fixture that beach resident's expect every month. They're a big deal here and at the Pleasure Island Beach Sweep each year."

Scearce leads on vocals and guitar, while Ketner lends vocals, guitars, violin and mandolin. If the composition requires the sound of an electric guitar, dobro, or pedal steel, Ketner can fill that void, too. Both play keyboards. The creative collaboration in music and lyrics has produced three CDs. The latest, titled "Three" was released in January. A friend, Scott Nickerson, contributed some drums and percussion for "Three." pairings and a mixture of ringing bells, hand claps, kazoos and xylophones adding a lighthearted, but not comical, texture. And while the upbeat composition may allude to an inane happiness, a quick look at the lyrics reveals the band's complexity. Songs like "Johnny," a morbid tune about a cutter with a strikingly up-tempo beat, and "Sinister Side," a rowdy roadhouse tune that looks at the inner psychosis of a pickpocket, highlight such dualism.The juxtaposition lends substance to bouncy eccentricities.

The Craig Woolard Band  8:00 PM
After twenty-seven years singing with The Embers as one of North Carolina’s Official “Ambassadors of Beach Music”, he is now on his own! Craig has won many awards with The Embers, and is proud of his tenure with the group as lead singer. A veteran of the music industry since he was 14 years old, Craig has performed for Presidents, governors, and ambassadors (Including Elizabeth Dole’s and former President Clinton's inaugurations); appeared on stage with famous groups as The Four Tops, The Temptations, the each Boys,Percy Sledge, Archie Bell, and Alabama. He has played such events as the 100th Celebration of The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk. His music has been heard from the Caribbean, to New York, to California, Chicago, Atlantic City and as far away as Hawaii and Europe. For the past 2 years, he has co-hosted the acclaimed the Carolina Beach Music Awards (affectionately known as the “CAMMYS”) held each November at the Alabama Theatre in Myrtle Beach. And once again, Craig was the GRAND MARSHALL for the ever so popular SOS parade held each spring at Myrtle Beach, SC

The Red Elvises 10 PM
Good old fashioned surf rock with a little twist. This California-based ensemble hails from the mother country of Russia. No other band can match their revolutionary approach to a traditionally American genre. The Red Elvises were founded in 1995 by two Russian political refugees, singer/songwriter Igor Yuzov and actor/bass-balalaika player Oleg Bernov in Los Angeles, California. Igor and Oleg met during Russia’s Peace Walk and subsequently played together in a Russian folk-rock band called Limpopo.

Grooving to the Moscow Beat was the band's first release in 1996, followed by Surfing in Siberia in 1997. The phrases "Kick-Ass Rock 'n' Roll From Siberia," "Your Favorite Band" and "Good Times Tonight" became well known by fans throughout the country and around the world. At some point soon after the beginning of each show, audiences were assured, then and now, that “We are Red Elvises and we will be Your Favorite Band!” or sometimes, “We are Red Elvises, America’s Singing Sweethearts!” Either way, crowds have always responded to Red Elvises’ good-natured humor and rocking music by filling dance floors, often dancing onstage, drinking a lot of beer and generally having good times.


Saturday, June 16   

The Moe Greens 11:15 AM
THE MOE GREENS formed in the summer of 2003. With shows throughout the Triad area of North Carolina under their belt they quickly recorded their debut 4 song CD. Their eclectic sound covers the broad range of Americana rock, best displayed in their live shows. In November 2006, the band released a self-produced 8-song CD (available at shows) and has already begun working on demos of new songs to take into the studio. In 2004 & 2005, they were picked by GoTriad (the Triads largest arts weekly) as the BEST LOCAL BAND and were also chosen by as Band on the Brink. "The Triad's Best Local Band - two years in a row!" -GoTriad (the Triad's largest arts weekly) "One of the area's most original bands." -Winston-Salem Journal

J.O.T. aka Grande Gato 12:30 PM
J.O.T. is the total package when it comes to music. J.O.T. feels that his mission is to give people encouragement through spiritually enlightened rhymes through his divine gift from GOD. Born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, J.O.T. aka GRANDE GATO is no stranger to the hip hop/rap scene. Starting out as a DJ, J.O.T. tasted his first success at a party he did at the Sawtooth Center(The hottest hip hop/rap spot in Winston-Salem in the mid 1980's).After seeing he could make money from hip hop/rap he went from being one of the hottest DJ's in the N.C. underground scene to one of the hottest producers making tracks unlike any others heard in the music industry. Eventually J.O.T. started rapping once people started letting him know he had a good sounding voice in the recording studio when he would talk over tracks he made for other artists. He developed a flow that is no doubt SOME OF THE HOTTEST LYRICS COMING OUT OF NORTH CAROLINA AND HE IS ACTUALLY SAYING SOMETHING CONSCIOUS AND EVEN CAN RAP IN SPANISH (Gracias a Cristo de Jesus)! Staying true to his roots as a DJ, J.O.T. has pressed his music on 12"vinyl, or "wax" as some call it, well as CD. The 12" vinyl projects are entitled NORTH CAROLINA STREET HEAT, and are in series starting at volume #1 and the most current being #4 (reggaeton remixes of J.O.T. tracks are on #4). Because J.O.T. has made rap songs in Spanish and also made Reggaeton remixes to some of those songs, he has performed in Miami Florida several times and for that reason he has given himself the Don title of GRANDE GATO in his music ministry. Enough said!

The Afromotive  2:00 PM
A thundering 10-piece ensemble from Asheville, NC, hot off their SELL OUT performance at THE ORANGE PEEL on Dec 31, 2006. The Afromotive is escorting Afrobeat music into the modern age and taking the dance floor with them. Having created an enormous buzz in the Southeast, thanks to major performances at Smilefest 2006, Lake Eden Arts Festival, high profile opening slots for Spearhead, Cyro Baptista, the Chicago Afrobeat Project, and a guest appearance by Erykah Badu. The Afromotive are taking their high energy, multicultural musical experience on the road. Fueled by a three-piece horn section and an unstoppable rhythm section, The Afromotive's musical dance excursions are steered by bandleader Kevin Meyame.

Originally from Cote D'Ivoire, West Africa, Kevin has performed throughout West Africa and France with drum and dance troupe Tanably. Singing in French, English, and his native language of Baoule, as well as providing polyrhythms on djembe, Kevin adds an authentically African flavor to their nu-afrobeat sound. The combination of Kevins cultural and musical background along with the jazz and classically trained musicians of The Afromotive has created a synthesized sound that crosses musical and ethnic boundaries. The Afromotive roll into town on their latest tour and aim to please. If you are without dance shoes, sneakers will do.

Big Ron Hunter and the Have Mercy Band - 3:45 PM
An emerging acoustic bluesman, Hunter plays and sings his own songs, combining a bluesy, yet sweet and melodic voice with his original brand of uplifting, hard-banging, acoustic blues. Along with his "Have Mercy Band", Hunter has played extensively in the Triad area, but has also been recognized for his talent by the Boston University School of Musicology's  "A True Blues Heritage Celebration". The festival featured performances by Hunter, Lou Pride, and Roy Roberts.

Hunter's latest CD, "Pounding out the blues" came out in December, 2006 to rave reviews

Caleb Caudle & the Bayonets  5:30 PM
 There's some awesome sounds eminating from the Twin City these days, and Caleb Caudle & the Bayonets are certainly contributing their fair share. The foursome consists of brothers Caleb and Kyle Caudle along with Jason Blankenship and Joe Russell. They're hard at work in the local live music scene, and released an EP in May of this year. Reviewers have called them "cosmic country" and "down home space rock".

Swampdawamp 7:30 PM
 This band is made up of veteran musicians who know what they're doing and it shows in their music. They manage to spread the boundaries of the Southern rock sound with elements of various other genres while still staying true to the Southern rock core.
If you haven't heard of this band yet I recommend you check out their website and learn more about them.
- Indy Music Stop

Confederate Railroad 9:30 PM
 Few acts have carved as distinctive a niche in modern musical history as Confederate Railroad. With their high-energy combination of honky-tonk rockers, sensitive ballads, and offbeat humor, they have created a unique identity that has brought them chart success, multi-platinum sales, and continued popularity as a road band. Versatility, likability, and a willingness to stretch boundaries are all part of the mix, but if there is a formula,  not even they can put their finger on it."I don't think I have any more of a clue now than I did when we started," laughs founder/frontman Danny Shirley. "I know that if you start thinking, 'Is radio going to like this"' or 'Is this going to offend anybody?' that it really waters things down, so I don't try to second-guess anybody. What I do is look for songs I like--that seems to work best."

Nearly five million albums later, there is no doubt that it works. Songs like "Queen Of Memphis," "Trashy Women," "Jesus And Mama," and "Daddy Never Was The Cadillac Kind" became major hits and established Confederate Railroad as a key part of country music's landscape during the genre's expansion of the '90s. The accolades kicked off with the Academy of Country Music's Best New Group award in 1993 and have included a Grammy nomination, and a host of nominations from the Country Music Association and the British Country Music Foundation.

For guys who started as a Georgia bar band, it was the stuff of dreams. "I remember saying when we got our first platinum album," says Shirley, "'At this point, our success has pretty much surpassed our talent, and from this point on, everything else is just icing on the cake.'" The latest swirl of icing is the band's new Audium Records CD, Unleashed, a microcosm of everything Shirley and company do best. There is sensitivity, hard-driving honky-tonk, and a generous dose of pure fun, not to mention good-natured new assaults on decorum and political correctness. The rollicking "I'm Diggin' It," as well as "White Trash With Money" and "That 'R' Word" have attitude to spare, and show that time has not dulled the edge of the band's skewed and witty worldview. Likewise, "That's What Brothers Do," "Wasted Time," and "Between The Rainbows And The Rain" show the band's flip side, its ability to capture life's poignant and tender moments. "Body Like A Temple," a duet with country legend and longtime friend George Jones, brims with honky-tonk fire, and "Still One Outlaw Left," finds the band and David Allan Coe, who share a great deal of road history, teaming up for the first time on record. "Borrowed Time" show's the band's way with a pure Southern rocker, and "Thick As Thieves" celebrates the camaraderie that has marked CRR's long road history.






Yes, we have music but doesn't all BBQ festivals? The difference is the effort we make to search
far and wide to bring in original acts that are on the cusp of breaking out on the national scene,
like the Avett Brothers in '06, Moon Taxi and The Kopecky Family Band last year. Our Main
Stage has also hosted quite a few Grammy Award winners, like Cyril Neville and the Carolina
Chocolate Drops.

Lucha Libre
In an effort to make our festivals more appealing to the ever-growing Hispanic community we
added a popular Mexican pastime, Lucha Libre wrestling which features masked "Luchidores"
and a unique wrestling style.

Shady Ladies' Saloon
2015 marks the third season that we have included the Shady Lady Saloon in our festivals. Our
can-can girls have made sure that It has maintained its popularity.

Side Show
Last year was the first year that the Squidling Brothers Side Show from Philadelphia joined us
for our complete series. They performed to packed houses everywhere we went.

Singer/Songwriter Stage
We took last year off, but are excited to renew this entertainment offering to give quality local
talent a venue to get in front of a large audience.




Now in its 12th year, the Twin City RibFest heralds summer's arrival, filling the streets of downtown Winston-Salem with the succulent smells of smoking meat, the sounds of outstanding music and much more.

Location and Hours
400 W. Fifth St. Winston-Salem, NC
Friday, June 10, 11 AM - 11 PM
Saturday, June 11, 11 AM - 11 PM
Sunday, June 12, Noon - 6 PM



Just the variety of BBQ styles alone set the RibFest apart. The diversity of our entertainment only enhances its uniqueness. Yes, we have music. In fact, we have established a reputation of showcasing original acts from around the country, like the Avett Brothers, Cyrille Neville and the Carolina Chocolate Drops. We've also had our share of favorites from earlier times like Confederate Railroad, and Mother's Finest, but it's our other entertainment that really sets us apart. Some traditionalists might think that Luchadores and sword swallowers don't belong at a barbecue festival. Obviously we disagree.

Friday, June 10

9:00 PM - Legacy MOTOWN Revue

Since touring with Bill Pinckney’s Original Drifters, as music director and pianist, Band Leader Stan Stigall has dreamed of starting a tribute to the legendary groups that he grew up listening to! Since the passing of his friend, Bill Pinckney, this desire has grown stronger...thus the inception of THE LEGACY!!!

Paying homage to the music that molded multiple generations, and gave Detroit a claim to fame other than cars, THE LEGACY takes you back to the days of The Drifters, The Coasters, The Jacksons, Earth Wind & Fire, The Temptations, and so many more legendary icons! Featuring talented performers that dance and sing, plus an amazing six-piece horn band, you will be transported back in time to one of the most influential periods in American Musical History!! Soul music is not just our’s The Legacy!

The Legacy Motown Revue was founded July 4, 2010, and is owned and operated by Much Moore Entertainment.


7:00 PM - The Electric Trio with Greg Humphreys

Following a string of acoustic solo albums, longtime Dillon Fence and Hobex frontman, Greg Humphreys returns to the RibFest and his hometown. 

Humphreys' new Electric Trio features bassist Matt Brandau and drummer Keith Robinson. The Brooklyn-via-NC artist says "it feels great to be playing electric guitar again. I'm using all the tools in the shed with this combo." Following a recording session with Stax soul legend William Bell, Humphreys reconvenes the Electric Trio for tour dates supporting two new releases, the Cosmic Irony EP and the Rock at Live Wood LP.

"Greg Humphreys is a perennial pleasure, an ever-blooming example of what dedication to one's art and a fierce resistance to abandoning exposed heart and simple, sincere emotion can produce." – Dennis Cook, Dirty Impound


Saturday, June 11

9:30 PM - Lost Bayou Ramblers

Lost Bayou Ramblers was formed in 1999 by brothers Andre and Louis Michot, performing the roots cajun music they learned from their father and uncles.The brothers quickly began playing clubs and festivals around Louisiana, and taking the traditional music they were raised with to new levels of rhythmic energy and spontaneity.

With 5 albums under their belt, including a Grammy Nomination for their 2007 release Live a la Blue Moon. Their album Mammoth Waltz was named #2 in the “Top 21 Louisiana albums of the 21st Century” by Times Picayune, and acted as an invitation for all music lovers to tune in to the hypnotic Cajun rhythms Lost Bayou Ramblers have been known for since their inception.

"I saw the Lost Bayou Ramblers at One Eyed Jacks, at a 'Treme' party with Steve Zahn (the actor playing Davis McAlary, a character inspired by local musician Davis Rogan) and I was blown away, to be honest, I thought they were excellent."- Spider Stacy, the Pogues

7:30 PM - Dirty Bourbon River Show

This will be the Dirty Bourbon River Show's first appearance at the Twin City RibFest.

However, they played at the Port City RibFest in Wilmington and the East West BBQ Fest in Greensboro in 2013.

The Dirty Bourbon River Show deftly melds sounds that range from hard-edged blues to Lisztian piano driven ballads to New Orleans brass into a result that is truly a blast of new energy into the musical landscape. Dirty Bourbon grabs hold of audiences, fascinated by their eccentricity and dexterity coupled with their ability to harken back to by-gone eras in music. Since forming in early 2009, the Dirty Bourbon River Show has released 9 studio albums and played over 750 live shows, fast earning them a stellar reputation for their tight, multi-faceted sound and high-energy performances. They can be found bringing their blend of “New Orleans Big Brass Circus Rock” all over the USA, performing at festivals and respected venues year-round.

“Jesus Christ. The best band in the world,” – Chris Bopst, Original Founding Bassist for GWAR

5:30 PM - Snake Malone and the Black Cat Bone

A Real Blues band from Wilmington, NC that plays Chicago, Memphis and West Coast style Blues with a 3-piece horn section. They play a mix of their own originals along with covers of the Blues legends like BB King, T-Bone Walker, Otis Rush and Freddie King.

Snake Malone- Guitar/Vocals
Bear Loeber- Bass
Dwain Gunnels- Keyboard
Max Levy- Tenor Saxophone
Aaron Lane- Trumpet
Keith DeLoatch- Trombone
Tony Palumbo- Drums
Ed Mondello, Paul Lewis- Tenor sax


One of the great things about the RibFest is that there's a lot more to it than just ribs. Yo can have chopped, sliced,prk, beef ribs, brisket, chicken, and more. What's more, you can choose from different styles like Memphis, Kansas City, or Texas, all cooked aby champion pit masters.


What's a festival without an assortment of unique vendors, right? Our Market always has some really cool items for sale. Get your holiday shopping started with us. Besides, it's a great way to walk off that fullness in your stomach after you've eaten your share of barbecue.